Putting an item up for auction on StyleUP Market is just as easy as creating a normal listing. If you haven’t yet listed your first item, we recommend having a quick read of This Article first.

Step 1 – add product

In the My Shop Dashboard, go to the My Products tab and click “Add Product”.

Step 2 – change product type

After filling in your listing name, description, categories, and images…change the product type to Auction. An Auction tab will then appear in the listing.

Step 3 – enter auction info

In the Auction tab, choose the condition of your item and “Normal” Auction Type. Make sure proxy bidding is enabled (this means that a buyer can put in a bid amount and the system will automatically bid for them until that amount is reached).
Then, fill in your start price and bid increment (the amount by which a bid will be raised). You can also add a reserve price if you would like (optional).

Step 4 – buy it now and length of auction

You have the option of adding a Buy it now price (optional).
Then, you will need to choose the dates and times that your auction will run. You have full control on how long your auction can run. You can also relist it as many times as you would like if it doesn’t sell. Please see further instructions below regarding relisting.
(Our site runs on AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) UTC/GMT +10 hours)

Step 5 – finish listing

Make sure you finish the remaining information regarding your product listing and then choose to either “Publish” your listing or “Save Draft” to publish later. (See note below regarding auction drafts.)

Note: if your auction is set to start at a time in the future, you can choose to publish it to your store straight away and a countdown timer will be shown on your listing letting customers know when the auction will start and bidding will be open. There’s no need to wait to publish the auction at the exact time you want it to begin.

Relisting your auction – edit listing

Find the ended auction in your products tab of the My Shop Dashboard and click Edit near the listing photo.

Relisting your auction – relist link

Click the Relist link above “Publish”. DO NOT simply change the original listing dates.

Relisting your auction – relist dates

Choose the new dates and times for your auction and click “Publish”.

You’re done!

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