In this article, we will go over filling in all the tabs of the Settings section of your My Shop Dashboard.

You will notice 7 Settings tabs: Store, Payment, Branding, Shipping, Social, Polices, and SEO.

Your Store, Payment, and Shipping sections would have been filled out when you created your shop. For more information on these sections, please see THIS ARTICLE. More detailed information about the shipping section can also be found HERE.


The Branding Section is for uploading your store banner and logo/icon.

Simply click on the “Add Store Banner” and “Add Store Icon” to open the image uploader. As stated, we recommend a banner size of 1000x300px and a logo/icon size of 500x500px.

Once your images have uploaded, your screen should look similar the above. Click the Save Changes button to save these images to your store. Don’t worry that you can’t see your entire banner at this point (see next image).

If you go back into the Branding tab after saving your images, your screen should look similar the above screenshot and you will be able to view your entire banner.


In the Social Section, you will be able to enter in all of your social media links and usernames to show on your storefront.

Your socials will be shown here.


The Policies tab is where you can list the shipping and return policies for your shop. It’s a good idea to have them filled out so that customers know what to do in case they wish to return an item.

Your Policies will appear in the additional tabs of your live product listings.


The SEO tab is where you can set up how your store will look when it is shared to social media and how it will appear in search engines. It is an optional section, but is a good idea to have filled out for when you want to share product or store pages to your social media accounts (or if someone else shares them).

The SEO Title, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords all have to do with how search engines will display your page. We recommend:

SEO Title: your shop name
Meta Description: short description of your store
Meta Keywords: think of these like you would hashtags (but don’t use the # symbol)

The remaining SEO sections deal with Facebook and Twitter. Again, fill out your shop name and shop description in the appropriate boxes. You can upload your logo by clicking “Add Facebook Image” and “Add Twitter Image” to be shown when your page is shared. (see example below)

This is an example of sharing one of our storefronts to Facebook that has filled out their SEO section.

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