Please complete the form below and read the information on the bottom of the page before sending your clothes to us. We highly recommend reading our Valet Service Guide before continuing.

ITEMS TO SELL: Please enter the brand, a brief description of the item, size, and the original purchase price of the item.

By signing below, you indicate acceptance of our terms and conditions as set out in our Valet Service Guide and in the Valet Service Agreement below.

*If you are sending in more than 20 items, please submit an additional form(s).

Valet Service Agreement with StyleUP Market Pty. Ltd.

Main points to consider:

  • StyleUP Market will determine whether your items are accepted or rejected as well as their listing price at their absolute and sole discretion.
  • Your items must be freshly laundered and in good resellable condition. Shoes and handbags must be cleaned.
  • Your payout is a percentage of the sale price and is calculated after transaction fees have been deducted. 
  • Your sale price may vary slightly due to sitewide or promotions. 
  • If you wish to reclaim your items, collection fees apply. 

StyleUP Market will process the items that you send to us to determine whether the items are accepted or rejected and the price at which we will list them on our website for sale. We will advise you which of your items have been accepted and the price listed for sale. 

Clothing MUST be freshly laundered. Similarly, shoes and handbags must be cleaned. We are not a laundry service and will not spend extra time and resources removing stains, pilling, or generally cleaning your items. If they are not clean, they will be rejected.

We will not accept ANY items that are:

  • Showing signs of extreme wear, stained, dirty, have odours and that have rips, tears or pilling, items that are faded, have shrunk, or are noticeably blemished.
  • Items that have been altered will only be accepted at our sole discretion and the information is adequately noted in the valet form. 
  • Shoes that are dirty, scuffed and appear obviously well worn. 
  • Any items with signs of fading, shrinkage, being stretched or obvious blemishes will not be accepted for sale. 
  • Items need to have their sizing tags intact. (Vintage items may be excluded from this requirement.)
  • Undesirable, themed clothing or clothing displaying inappropriate or offensive messages, words or images, outdated and old-fashioned items (with the exception of high-quality vintage clothing).
  • Any form of underwear, sleepwear, slippers, hair accessories, swimwear that are not in new condition. (with tags preferable)
  • Fake or counterfeit items, items obtained illegally or ‘niche items’ that will only appeal to a very limited audience.

Items that are expected to take longer to sell, but still in very good condition, will be accepted and listed at StyleUP Market’s absolute discretion. It is up to you if you wish to pay for these items to be returned to you after a certain amount of time. 

The following fees apply for reclaiming your items:

Local Gold Coast Drop OffReturned by Postage
$15 flat ratePostage costs – includes packaging and shipping costs.

The initial listing price for valet service items will be determined by StyleUP Market at their absolute and sole discretion. This price may vary slightly due to sitewide or in-store sales or promotions. If your clothes do not sell within 8 weeks of listing, StyleUP Market, at its discretion, may decide to reduce the listing price by up to 50%. If the item remains unsold for a total of 12 weeks, StyleUP Market may deactivate the online listing and re-list it at a later date, place it up for auction with no or low reserve price or either return it to you or donate it to a charity, depending on your preference. 

After this time, you may choose to have it posted back to you or dropped off (Gold Coast locals only). If you opt to have your items returned to you, you will be responsible for postage costs, which include packaging and shipping costs as well as the handling fee specified above. You may choose to donate your unsold items to one of the charities supported by StyleUP Market. Please indicate your preference relating to how we deal with your consignment items on the form. If the item is still within StyleUP Market’s possession for a further 2 weeks, your item becomes our property to do with as we wish.

Your payout is a percentage of StyleUP Market’s selling price. It increases with the selling price and is subject to change. The following table sets out the percentage of the selling price that you will be paid for individual items. Note that transaction fees are deducted before calculating your payout. Payments are made weekly and will be deposited into your StyleUP Market Wallet. You will then be able to use these funds to purchase items on our website or request a withdrawal. 

Selling PriceYour Payout Percentage
Under $5050%
$50.00 – $99.9960%

If a purchasing customer returns the item, the item will become the property of StyleUP Market to deal with as it wishes. Whilst the risk of returns are ours and we will not ask for money back from you, StyleUP Market will not be liable for any damages or loss of your items, regardless who caused the loss or damage. Unless otherwise specified, you guarantee authenticity of valet service goods and indemnify StyleUP Market of any damages, fees, and costs that may occur, including return of buyer’s purchase price, as a result thereof. Additionally, you warrant legal ownership of all items free of any liens and encumbrances.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How can I get my item to sell faster?

TELL PEOPLE ABOUT US! The more people that know about our site and store, the more people will be shopping and looking at your items. Share our social media posts. Tell your friends. Help spread the word, so we gain more shoppers. 

  • I’m unsure about an item I want to sell. Can I ask you about it first?

Yes! If you’re unsure if we will accept your item for sale, please email us at and include some pics and info about your item. We will be able to tell you if it is suitable for sale with us.